Lost Light – ‘Lost Light EP’

Formed in the UK in early 2014, Lost Light aims to bring new light to the music scene with a subtle combination of Hard-Rock, Alternative Metal and Nu-Metal influences.


Vital Silence – ‘What’s Left for Mystery’

Vital Silence is from Nashville, Tennessee. Their debut album came out New Year’s Day and is an early but strong contender for many people’s debut album of the year.


Like Thieves – ‘The Wolves at Winter’s Edge’

The Wolves At Winter’s Edge by Like Thieves

Like Thieves is from Brisbane, Australia


How We Listen: On-the-Go

This will be part of a very short series of posts entitled “how we listen” that goes into the audio setup some of us use in various situations and the ups and downs. Starting off: on-the-go.

My commute is primarily by train (DC Metro) and occasionally the bus as well. I also am usually able to…


Studio Booking: Have Available Time in Your Studio? Let Us Fill it for You!

Let’s say you own a studio. You’ve got two bands coming in next month, but there’s a week between them. You may not want to fill the whole time, but say three of four of those days you’re available. You want to fill that time, but it’s both relatively short notice and it’s not exactly…


Square Froze Our Account Without Warning or Explanation

Two months ago, we published an article about the new Square Market and how it was the best way to sell merch online. Well… maybe not.

On October 14th, I received an email from Square simply stating that they had reviewed my account, detected “high-risk activity,” and subsequently…