TuneLab.com Posts Record Growth

TuneLab.com has posted yet another record month of unique visitor traffic, it’s 15th such record in just 20 months.  While TuneLab.com has always prided itself on its rapid growth, the growth rate of recent times has far exceeded the expectations and predictions of the site’s staff.  This comes despite other industry front-running sites seeing declining traffic and a decrease in interest.  The largest testament to the increase in growth rate is the last year in TuneLab.com history… June 2009’s traffic was an increase of 109.3% over June of 2008, meaning the site has more than doubled in just that 13-month period! (A graph of which is visible in the sidebar →)

Last month, TuneLab.com introduced social networking features to the website that allow users to make themselves a little more involved with the site and connect with other rock music fans much easier.  Users can now have an actual profile where they fill out information about themselves, upload a custom avatar, send private mail to each other, add friends, join groups, and more.  Just recently, a new utility was also added to the site to allow users to simply enter their Facebook or Twitter information into a field, and then invite their friends to TuneLab simply by selecting them on the respective website.  The social networking element is still fairly new, and we expect that to continue to grow at a rapid pace, especially as new features are added.

The growth has taken place without a single advertising dollar being spent, and a MySpace page and Facebook group that were created, maintained briefly, and remain stagnant since.  Our growth is unique in that it can be directly contributed to our members and the artists we cover, and there’s no better way to do it.  We hope that continues.

So where does that leave us now?  Honestly, we see no reason it won’t continue growing at this pace or faster.  As we add new features, people continue spreading the word, and our great coverage of everything rock continues, we will grow.  Plus, we’ve got something else up our sleeve…