EP Stream: Quietdrive – ‘Close Your Eyes’

Quiet Drive is:

Kevin Truckenmiller (Vocals, Guitar, Violin Bass)
Matt Kirby (Guitar, Vocals)
Justin Bonhiver (Guitar)
Droo Hastings (Bass)
Brandon Lanier (Drums)

Quietdrive kick-started 2009 by taking their enduring brand of power pop rock abroad conquering four continents, lighting up Mideast stages for US troops and catching fire in Japan. At home, they never forgot their loyal fan base and made contact regularly with visits to U.S. high schools and colleges while touring clubs and talking with music students about their experiences and the biz. And they have a lot to talk about, including their creative and instructive moves from a major to an indie to their own record label, each with its own memorable benchmarks.

4 vans, 1 Top 25 hit, 3 label “experiences,” 7+ million downloads and 1000 gigs later…

As the year winds down, Quietdrive is releasing Close Your Eyes, a collection of seven exciting new songs and a short film that brings fans inside the world of Quietdrive in a whole new way. For the well-traveled band founded in 2004, each leg of their recording journey has produced noteworthy results:

• For Epic Records, the band made “Time After Time” a household name again and a Top 25 hit in 2006 from their debut album, When All That’s Left Is You.

• The Indie label The Militia Group released Deliverance and it rocked to the top of the Alternative Rock charts.

• Now on their own label with Close Your Eyes — featuring the single “Jessica” as a free download — the band is hitting the road again in a 29-city tour and partnered with Best Buy to continue their “Music Education Experience” in U.S. schools, many that are losing music ed to dire budget cuts.

The fall tour feautures special guests “The Higher,” and will be followed by a second visit to Japan after a raucous, hearty welcome earlier this year.

Weekly Wednesday Sickam Webcast: Up close and inside live with the band

Online, where the band first made its impact with more than 7 million downloads from its MySpace page, Quietdrive offers an array of podcasts, music downloads, blogs, Tweets, photos, fan chatter, merch, and breaking news about the band — including its zany, weekly intimate webcast every Wednesday — Stickam — where anything can happen.