EP Stream: Knives Out! – ‘Rough Cuts EP’

Hail the Villain


KNIVES OUT!, the new Baltimore, Maryland-based project featuring current/former members of HELLYEAH, NOTHINGFACE, DOG FASHION DISCO and POLKADOT CADAVER, made their live debut without guitarist Tom Maxwell at a sold out show on April 17th at the Ottobar In Baltimore, MD.

“Knives Out played their 4th show, with a reunited for one night only Dog Fashion Disco,” commented frontman Todd Smith. “Playing to a sold out crowd of 500 in the sweltering Ottobar, Knives Out! opened the show and made a intense, aggressive and energetic impression on the crowd. From the first note it was mayhem! We are very excited to see the fans of our other previous and current bands embracing Knives Out! so unconditionally. We have the greatest fans!”

Guitarist Jasan Stepp has also landed an endorsement with Fender guitars. Stepp used Fender guitars during the recording of the group’s debut album, which was recorded at Wrightway Studios in Baltimore, MD.

“The Jim Root Tele is the heaviest sounding guitar that I’ve ever heard,” commented Steep. “Forget about a Les Paul, if you are in a detuned band this is the ride. The long scale length and string-thru body make it absolutely perfect for lower tunings. The clarity of tone that this instrument produces is nothing less than shocking.”

Knives Out! consists of vocalist Todd Smith (DOG FASHION DISCO,POLKADOT CADAVER), guitarist Jasan Stepp (DOG FASHION DISCO, POLKADOT CADAVER), drummer Tommy Sickles (NOTHINGFACE), bassist Dave Cullen (POLKADOT CADAVER) and guitarist Tom Maxwell (HELLYEAH, NOTHINGFACE).