How to Make a Free, Legal Podcast or Radio Show with Grooveshark

Lots of people want to have their own radio station or podcast, but most of them either can’t afford to do it, or simply don’t want to spend the money to do it. The main reason for that is that you have to pay licensing fees for radio stations, and if you want to have an on-demand podcast, you can’t have any music from signed artists (or unsigned either unless you get their permission). So what are you to do? Well, there’s kind of an alternate way to do that using Grooveshark.

Now, is this legal? Not exactly. It is from your perspective, which is the one that counts. It’s not legal for Grooveshark to provide the service that they do, but while it’s up, you may as well use their service since any legal ramifications would be their problem and not yours. For all you care, you’re just using a service not much different than embedding a YouTube video.

It’s quite simple, really. Grooveshark allows any user to make a playlist of tracks that you specify, and create a flash audio widget with that very playlist. No commercials, no limits on playcount, just a stream of all those songs. What allows you to create a podcast though, is that you can upload your own tracks to Grooveshark. (VERY Important: Don’t upload music tracks, because then you’re the one responsible for the copyright violation.) What I mean is that you can upload your “show” in individual pieces. When you get to the screen where you’re customizing the look of your playlist widget, you can upload tracks right then. Record then upload your intro to the show, and then whatever you would have in-between the tracks, like talking about the artist or whatever you wanted. Now you can mix in your voice recordings with the tracks you chose, and you have a streaming podcast, with whatever music you found, and it’s completely legal and you don’t have to pay any royalties, because it’s someone else’s service. Of course it’s not a podcast in the sense that it can be downloaded, but you have an on-demand show that features you and the music you want to play. And you can promote it, put ads on your page, or embed it anywhere. Awesome.