Pearl Jam To Release 'Live On Ten Legs'

Pearl Jam have set January 18th as the release date for a new live album, ‘Live on Ten Legs‘. Tracks featured were recorded over the course of the band’s 2003-2010 world tours, track list includes

1. “Arms Aloft”
2. “World Wide Suicide”
3. “Animal”
4. “Got Some”
5. “State Of Love And Trust”
6. “I Am Mine”
7. “Unthought Known”
8. “Rearview Mirror”
9. “The Fixer”
10. “Nothing As It Seems”
11. “In Hiding”
12. “Just Breathe”
13. “Jeremy”
14. “Public Image”
15. “Spin The Black Circle”
16. “Porch”
17. “Alive”
18. “Yellow Ledbetter”