Dear AOL: Stop Paying for Content

One of the biggest thorns in the industry’s side right now is AOL and their music brands. They’ve sprung up all these sites, hired a bunch of people from the respective industries to be writers as an attempt to purchase legitimacy, and now they’re paying for content. Album streams are being paid for, exclusive streams and video debuts are being paid for, and a majority of their content is inflated BS anyway. Is anybody buying this? It’s kind of like the old adage that you can put all the lipstick you want on a pig, but it’s still a pig. AOL, nobody’s falling for it. As long as the “corporate” feel is still bleeding through strongly, you can’t call Noisecreep a metal site. It’s really pathetic, but that’s not even the main issue here.

…when AOL is the only place left, you’re all f—ed

Paying for content is not only contributing to the “old” ways of the industry, it’s just wrong. What you’re trying to do is make labels and PR people think that they should get paid for you streaming their content. And what happens when the labels and PR people come to expect it? Other sites that used to be willing to promote their artists for free will be declining, and then when AOL is the only place left, you’re all f—ed, because then you’ll be having to pay them. Right now, they’re paying you to make them the new online version of mid-90s MTV, and you’re falling for it. And I’m not sure which is worse, AOL for doing it, or the labels for letting it happen. Universal already doesn’t allow streams without paying, and now it looks like EMI is following suit. What a shame. I do know this… no business I’m a part of will ever pay for something like that. Congratulations AOL, you’re screwing them and they don’t even know it.