Bands: Care About the Stuff that Matters

Recently on TL we had posted a news article about a new track being available for streaming from one of our past featured unsigned bands. Last night I got an email from a program director at an FM radio station saying he thought their listeners would love the track, and wanted me to get in touch with the band to get him a good quality version of it for airplay. To me, that’s one of the greatest things we can do—expose artists to a larger audience, especially when it’s getting them on radio, which is a hard enough accomplishment even when you’re trying your hardest.

So I got in touch with a band member and told him. The response was asking if it was an online station, and I said no that it was a regular old terrestrial radio station. Any artist should be ecstatic hearing that news. The answer I got instead was “cool, do they report?” (meaning report spins for charting and rating purposes). When I said I didn’t know, I got an “I’ll get back to you” response. Unbelievable. Simply unbelievable. This guy doesn’t care about people hearing the music, he just wants labels to know that people are hearing the music. The guys is a posterboy for the unsigned band that is determined that it takes a label to have success. And that’s while, unless he changes his attitude, he’ll NEVER have success. He has already defeated himself.

If you’re in an unsigned band, you need to get your priorities right. The most important thing to you should be your art. If you’re in it primarily to make money, you’re in the wrong business. If you think the only way to achieve success is through a label, you’re wrong. If a label wants to sign you, great, but if you’re sitting around waiting for a label, don’t quit your day job.