Where’d the Unsigned Bands Go?

A few days ago, my friend Mikel and I were discussing unsigned bands and how there seems to not be as many good ones out there anymore (that we didn’t already know about). After talking about it for a second, we realized that the big problem is that myspace isn’t the place to go anymore. A few years ago, bands were on myspace. We knew that, fans knew that, and the industry knew that. Nowadays, myspace is essentially dead, and there are a bunch of social networks. Now, bands are on Twitter, Facebook, ReverbNation, iLike, YouTube, Vevo, PureVolume, SonicBids, Last.FM, SignMeTo, and it seems ten million more places. Of course, some services are better than others, but most of them claim to be the best. The problem is, there isn’t one decided place where the unsigned bands should be. In addition to all these places where bands can control the content, there are just as many “music discovery services” that claim to be the best place to discover talent.

I know that at the foundation, monopolies are a bad thing and usually horrible for any industry, but in the case of unsigned bands and a place for them to be discovered and engage their fans, a monopoly is really what’s needed. I know that every band collectively deciding on one place will never happen, but I can wish. In the meantime, it’s really hard to find new bands to listen to.