Sick Puppies Holiday Giveaway

Shim from Sick Puppies stops by to share his list of holiday favorites with TuneLab, and has five copies of their latest album ‘Tri-Polar’ with autographed inserts to give away. Read his list below and enter to win!

List for Gift Ideas….

A good gift for your parents – Is always a gift card but maybe get creative. Instead of just Macy’s or something get them a voucher to a spa or massage. Moms love that stuff. Otherwise it just gets harder the older they get. They already have everything they want!

For your friends – Get them an iTunes gift card so they can get our album ‘Tri-Polar’ after hearing the single for free after December 21st for the iTunes single of the week!

If I were asking for a present I always want seasons of my favorite TV shows. So just find out what someone’s favorite show is (no matter how old it is—like old A-Team or something) and get them that. It’s always fun to watch back-to-back episodes.

Favorite holiday comfort foods…….

1) Meat pies. It’s an English and Australian thing. But a good meat pie is fantastic. They fill you up and they’re good for you.

2) I like the Turkey sandwiches that you make the day after thanksgiving with stuffing and cranberry sauce. For some reason it’s better than the meal for me.

3) “Milo” is an Australian chocolate food drink like “Nestle Quik” but it’s more heavy and filling. That brings back memories from childhood for me.

4) Vegemite. I know you’ve probably heard that in the song from “Men at work” but it is an Aussie past time and culture thing. You just can’t start your morning without it! 🙂

Shim’s favorite Holiday memory…….

I think one of my Favorite holiday memories was with a friend of ours from a radio station in Portland, Maine. Rob from WCYY. He happened to be in town when we were stopping there for thanksgiving. And we just went to a local restaurant for a traditional meal. But it was just relaxed and I didn’t have to worry about seeing any of those old family members you can’t stand or driving for too long and being exhausted. We just had a good meal and some drinks and relaxed all day. Which is funny cause that’s kind of how it should be, but it doesn’t turn out that way sometimes. We all get so stressed out during the holidays! 🙂

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