Saving Abel Holiday Giveaway

Jared Weeks from Saving Abel stops by to share Saving Abel’s gift guide and Jared’s own holiday memory with TuneLab, and has eight copies of their latest album ‘Miss America’ to give away. Read his list below and enter to win!

Saving Abel’s Top 7 Wal-Mart Guide for the Holidays

1) Xbox Kinect

2) Duck Tape and Zip Ties

3) iPod Gen 4

4) Remingten Pump Action Shotgun

5) A Song Written for Someone

6) A Snuggie preferably from Victoria’s Secret

7) A Tuscan 6 cheese, w/ Bacon and Double Pepperoni and a Juicy Juice

Jared’s Holiday Memory

It doesn’t snow much in MS, so when it does, everyone gets excited. I remember one Christmas Eve at my grandmother’s. It had snowed for 2 days and it was sooo cold, so the snow was sticking to the ground. It had been one of the coldest winters we’ve ever had and as a result, the lake at my grandmothers house was frozen solid. So me and Mom, Dad, Cousins, 4 uncles, and the rest of the family went out and played, slid, skated for hours. It was a great time for us all and that memory has stuck with me for years. It always makes me happy at Christmas.

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