Alter Bridge To Include Live CD With 'Live In Amsterdam' DVD

The deluxe edition of Alter Bridge’sLive in Amsterdam‘ DVD will feature a fourteen track audio CD when it arrives in stores on January 11th. The DVD features the band’s December 2008 performance at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam plus a documentary. A Blu-Ray version of the release will also be available on January 11th. Track list is as follows:

Live CD:

1. “Come to Life”
2. “Before Tomorrow Comes”
3. “Brand New Start”
4. “White Knuckles”
5. “Buried Alive”
6. “One Day Remains”
7. “Watch Over You”
8. “Ties That Bind”
9. “Blackbird”
10. “In Loving Memory”
11. “Metalingus”
12. “Open Your Eyes”
13. “Broken Wings”
14. “Rise Today”


1. “Come to Life”
2. “Find the Real”
3. “Before Tomorrow Comes”
4. “Brand New Start”
5. “White Knuckles”
6. “Buried Alive”
7. “Coming Home”
8. “One Day Remains”
9. “Watch Over You”
10. “Ties That Bind”
11. “Blackbird”
12. “In Loving Memory”
13. “Metalingus”
14. “Open Your Eyes”
15. “Broken Wings”
16. “New Way to Live”
17. “Traveling Riverside Blues”
18. “Rise Today”