AdvanceMix℠ Album Leak Preventative

TuneLab has launched a new service geared towards labels and artists called AdvanceMix℠ to prevent pre-release album leaks. While we’ve watched nearly every rock album over the last year leak prior to its release, labels seemingly have been unwilling or unable to do anything to curtail the issue.

Labels have to send out advances of albums for review and publicity, but are currently relying on digital watermarking and digital delivery systems to protect their music, but neither work. The websites cannot stop someone from obtaining the music, and digital watermarking can be removed or altered to make tracing the source either completely impossible, or at the very least not provable in court, which essentially makes it meaningless. Labels cannot sue the websites that post the leaked files thanks to the DMCA, and its been proven that suing consumers is a really bad idea, so that leaves no recourse for a label other than to just absorb the losses.

AdvanceMix is completely different. Unlike digital watermarking that takes fifty copies of the same track and puts fifty different layers over the top of it (that can ultimately be heard/identified and removed), AdvanceMix creates fifty different tracks by altering the mix itself. By making small, subtle changes to the actual music, each track is unique in its own way, and unless the original source file is available for comparison purposes, the recipient of an AdvanceMix will have absolutely no way of knowing which exact elements of the song are uniquely identifiable to them. Even if the music is re-encoded or compressed, the identifying features remain; and because the changes are so subtle, the music isn’t fundamentally different and it won’t alter the integrity of the review.

AdvanceMix is intended as a deterrent, not an enforcement. The idea is that when someone receives an AdvanceMix, they know that it is traceable directly back to them, and would be a fool to leak it. However, if someone were to leak an AdvanceMix, a label would now have undeniable, definite proof of the source of a leak, and could pursue legal recourse with ease and very little cost.

If you are interested in learning more about AdvanceMix℠ and signing up, please use the contact tab above to call or email us. A full, independent website for AdvanceMix will also be launched soon.