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Tiger Riot

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Though Tiger Riot formed only last summer in 2009 on Long Island, the guys in the band embarked on this special journey years ago.

Alexander Harper, Frederick Ardis, Daniel Ardis, Christopher Tagliaferro and Vincent Treglia have been working on music collectively dating as far back as 2006. They have formed and disbanded several other musical endeavors, leading to break-ups, fights, and disappointments that would dishearten the most optimistic musician. The guys have remained focused and driven through the many difficult trials and tribulations – and never let the shadows they temporarily resided in smother the light they always saw ahead. Their personal relationships go beyond their musical relationships, which is what they credit to always keeping them grounded through obstacles they’ve encountered. Dan and Fred are brothers, Vin and Dan graduated high school in the same class, Fred and Alex graduated high school in the same class, then they both went to college together where they met Chris. The core of Tiger Riot’s strength, is attributed to their close relationships and passion for listening to and creating the same music. The years spent together have taught Tiger Riot what it means to be part of a functional, creative, and satisfying effort.

“We take this band extremely seriously and become absolutely professional when the time calls for it. We decided when we began Tiger Riot that we would always work the hardest we possibly could. We have a creative input on every aspect of the band which branches much further than just writing the music. From artwork, to press pictures, to recording audio and video, we always try to stay creative and interesting. From this, we’ve been rewarded thus far and we’re therefore inspired to work even harder for even greater rewards. We want to make Tiger Riot a career. This industry is going through a transitional stage and we believe it’s up to us to control the destiny of the band. We signed with Brookvale records this August because they have similar goals as us, for the band. Our relationship with them is very personal and communicative.”

“We keep our goals short term and are always creating new ones. Too many people outside and inside the music business think too far ahead. We try to focus on what’s in front of us at the given time and this helps us come up with the right decisions.”

“We play music we love to hear and we want to play music that others love to hear. Cliche or not, we believe music is communal. We want to give back what our favorite bands and musicians have given to us. Listening to music is the one thing in this entire world that every single person does or has done. There is something to be said about how special that is.”