TuneLab: More Than News

Every so often when we’re asked what exactly TuneLab does and we get the opportunity to give a detailed answer, the response is usually one of surprise. Most people know we do news and views, and of course we have a message board as well, but it’s safe to say that most people don’t know what else we do—mainly because we don’t advertise it. That said, here’s a rundown of some of the lesser-known things we do…

Unsigned  Bands

Free Hosting: We have a pretty robust web server that we needed for the processing power, and have plenty of extra storage space and bandwidth as a result.

Web Development: While our design skills are pretty limited, we are very experienced in the function of a site. We can assist you in everything from simple stuff like social integration to more advanced stuff like full-blown webstores.

Social Apps: We can setup different types of apps and show you how to run them for yourself, like those that offer a download in exchange for a tweet or Facebook Like.

Video/Audio Post-Production: We can do very limited video and audio editing. Mainly we can help with leveling, voiceovers, watermarks, and some effects.

Advice/Consultation: There’s a lot of bad advice given to bands, and some just make the wrong assumptions. Often times, the bad advice comes from other bands, managers, and even lawyers. We’ll answer any questions you have, give you answers (if we can), and provide you concrete examples to back up those answers so you can make your own informed decision.

Publicity: Of course we can assist with publicity and give you tips and specific examples on how to get press. Trust us when we say we can give you 1,000 ways not to introduce yourself to a website.


Website News: With TuneLab Radio Services we provide a rock music news feed to your site, or can even do customized feeds based on specific artists or playlists.

Audio News: Likewise, we provide daily audio snippets (most commonly termed as ‘rock reports’) highlighting a given days top stories and customized to the station’s name or call letters.

Artists Suggestions: One of the greatest things we hear is when a program director tells us he or she heard of a band through TuneLab and added them to their rotation. If you’d like great, quality artists for your radio stations, we can provide them. Unlike other radio promoters we won’t be hitting you up constantly, but we can give you your own private stream page where you can listen first and then get more details from us if you wish.

On-air Content (future): We’re in the development process of a radio show/series that will be available for syndication.


Local TL: We have a couple of beta sites up now that focus specifically on the rock music scenes of local areas with a focus on local bands and shows/events. More info soon.

News Submission: We’ve built a news submission page that allows users to submit news directly into our queue so that once we check the formatting and hit a button, it’s straight to the front page and with the submitter’s name as the author name.

All the things we’ve mentioned above are actually free as things we do to support the future of rock music. It also goes without saying that these things are all only available to rock bands and rock radio stations—pop and rap artists don’t need our help. Keep in mind that it is all subject to availability and that there is only so much time in the day.

To find out more info on any of the things mentioned above, please use the contact tab and give us a call or send an email.