A Difficult Decision

Sometimes in life you have to make tough decisions of varying severity. To some people, a tough decision can be what shirt to wear that day, and some people have to make decisions that can impact their life and the lives of others around them. I’m faced with a somewhat difficult decision at the moment, and it falls somewhere in the middle of that. In actuality, I’ve already made my mind up and I’m in that “let it marinate and make sure I don’t change my mind” phase, but it still makes me think about it.

In this case, it’s a decision I’ve faced before, and always chose the “other” option. This time, I’m thinking about it more with my brain than with my heart, and I think that’s convinced my heart to allow the decision to be made this time. It’s not a personal decision as much as it is a professional one, but one that impacts my personal life also. It should be interesting.

What is this decision? I can’t say now (too many eyes and ears out there), but anybody who might be reading this will know soon enough.