Pay Other Bands to Advertise For You

I know immediately upon reading the title some people probably did a double-take, but hear me out. I recently had an idea that I tried out, and I think it would work on a much larger scale. While trying to get pre-orders for a band’s album and thinking of ideas to do so, I saw on Twitter how much artists mention other artists and refer to each other in their postings. Some even plugged newer bands, although from what I saw only if they were involved with the project themselves.

My idea was to give them incentive to plug the band I wanted them to promote, so the solution was with coupon codes. Let’s say it was a band with a guitarist named Johnny. I make a coupon code “Johnny” or with the band’s initials in there or something, and I make it take $1 off the album pre-order. I tell Johnny that if he likes the band to give his fans the coupon code so not only do they get $1 off, but he’ll get paid $1 for every person that uses the coupon! [box type=”info”] Make sure the person plugging your band actually likes your band and would probably do it anyway. You want a “genuine” referral, not for somebody to lie to their fans in order to make a few bucks.[/box]

Make the coupon code good for only a limited time, and then make sure you promptly pay the dividends owed to the artist. In the end, you have to give up $2 per sale, but it’s a sale that may otherwise not have happened in the first place. And if the sale is a digital download of the album, well then you’re not losing anything anyway. All the artist has to do is type a Tweet or Facebook post, then get paid while turning his fans on to some great new music. It’s win-win-win.

I bounced the idea off of a few established artists that I knew and they were into it, so we’ll probably be pushing forward with the idea on a larger scale in the coming week or so.

What do you think? Good idea?