Two Bands on One Album?

Over the weekend I was having a discussion of ideas with Ryan (or ‘mocomber’ if you’ve seen him on TL) about the music industry, and he brought up an interesting one. While we’ve of course seen compilation albums with several artists or even a few artists for a tour, what if just two bands did essentially an EP each and then combined them in one package as an album? For instance, six to eight tracks for each band.

What would the positive and negative aspects of this be? On the positive, you could potentially be doubling your fanbase (assuming both started off with an equal number) and you’d be getting much more promotion out of it because twice as many people are involved. On the negative, there would be the inevitable discussion of splitting the profits of any sale, and potential quarrels over maybe one band putting forth less promotional effort than the other. From a fan’s perspective, you’d be either getting more for your money, or upset because of the perception that you’re having to pay for music you don’t want.

What do you think?