Embedding a Music Store Into Facebook

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As part of the free services we offer to deserving bands, we will create an e-commerce platform on your website (which we’ll also create/host) that will allow you to sell music and merch directly to fans, complete with immediate digital downloads and coupon codes. By doing so, you can avoid any middlemen and set your own prices to not only give your fans the lowest possible prices and highest quality product, but still netting more money than selling the same product at a higher price through a digital retailer like iTunes or Amazon MP3.

Now having your own store is great, but getting fans to visit your website can sometimes be the tricky part. By implementing that same music store into your Facebook page itself, you’re bringing the store to them and eliminating a big hurdle in the conversion process. As you can see by the picture at the top of this article, the only real thing that makes this page a “store” are the two “add to cart” buttons and the shopping cart area below. The page is done in HTML, so it can be styled however you’d like, whether it be full of artwork and image, or simple text like in this example.

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Looking at the image on the right, you can see that once the user hits the “add to cart” button, the fully functional shopping cart appears, where the user can update quantity, add/remove items, and enter a coupon code if one is available. After that, the user fills in his or her details (whatever details you require, as this is not necessary for payment processing), and when the user hits submit/purchase, they are sent to PayPal (or whatever payment processor you choose) to complete the secure transaction. Once they’ve completed payment, they are re-routed to a page you set on your website (not the Facebook page), which will have the results of their transaction and a download link if the purchase was of digital data. Of course, they are also emailed a download link along with their receipt.

It’s actually a very simple process, and by allowing people to purchase your items right then and there, you’re more likely to make a sale. There are a couple services out there that will let you embed stores into Facebook and other places, but none that I know of that are free. This is one of the FREE services SideStage.FM is offering to artists. There is no cost or fees, no percentage of sales, you own everything outright, and we don’t even put our name or logo on your stuff (unless of course you specifically ask us to). Hit the contact link to get in touch.