Spotlight Band: State Your Cause

Ohio’s State Your Cause self released the EP ‘Escape Rebellion Promise’ in 2009 and have been touring in support of it since, sharing the stage with acts like Fuel, 10 Years, Framing Hanley, and Three Days Grace and playing festivals like Rock on the Range. The band has been working on a full-length album due this year and is still hard at work out on the road.

Check out two tracks from the band via the player on the right, and there’s a YouTube video of a third track at the bottom of this post. The band can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and of course their official site.

Official Bio: Stand and deliver just doesn’t cut it anymore. The music landscape and movement is evolving. These changes have strengthened the mass of musicians, and subsequently shortened the climb to a studio album. However, this music barrage makes support from a record label nearly impossible for anything other than a unique sound with meaning; a sound with truth. The journey is lost without the struggles along the way and music comprised with such emotion is what sets a band apart from many. A sound which lacks true expression of life experiences, conviction and creativity, will no longer render support from labels or fans.

Refusing to settle for what speaks TO them, listeners now find themselves drawn to what speaks FOR them; authenticity both in writing and in sound is what captivates. As the age of rockstars becomes more distant – seemingly shadowed in its own twilight – State Your Cause is dedicated to the preservation of their sound. A vulnerable sound of life’s struggles and scars…but also an empowering expression of hope. Music with passion.