TuneLab Recording Studios

Very shortly we will be revealing our plans for TuneLab Recording Studios. While music sales are down, merch sales are down, touring revenue is down, and making money in the music industry is nearly impossible, for some reason recording costs have stayed the same. Bands are being forced to pay far too much money for recording—sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars—and getting nothing out of it. Even just mastering a 10-track album can cost thousands of dollars, and it’d done in half a day. While we’re NOT saying that these people charging these rates aren’t at the top of their game, what we are saying is that “value” is relative. The prices some (most) studios charge used to be a fair cost to record an album, because it was relative to the income the album was expected to generate, say for example ~25% of sales. Well as times changed and income has decreased rapidly, recording costs seem to have stayed the same. We aim to adjust that rate to something more fair and more realistic, while still maintaining the highest level of production and recording quality.