Web Hosting, Development

TuneLab offers web hosting and web development to unsigned bands at little to no cost. We have plenty of space and bandwitdh for hosting a .com/.net/.whatever that you own (and we highly recommend you own your own domain) on our very fast and robust servers, enabling you to create and host a multitude of sites and apps. We also offer development services ranging from design (for a fee) to promotion tools and webapps. Here are some of the things we can create for you:

  • A digital music store that lets you sell merch and music, to include digital music downloads of any quality with instant, automated digital delivery to the customer. The money goes directly to you, cutting out any middleman.
    • We can also implement that same store into your Facebook or other pages, letting you sell your music where your fans already are.
  • Facebook and Twitter apps that offer to let fans download items instantaneously in exchange for a “like” or a tweet.
  • A digital download code system so that you can hand out “download cards” or offer codes online that let people download items instantly after inputting their code on your website or Facebook page.

There’s much more that we can also do for you, and those are just some of the main things. All of those webapps in the list above are FREE. Free means no setup fees, no maintenance fees, no hidden costs, etc. Actually free.

Get in touch with us to set something up or to find out more info.