The Direct-to-Fan Marketing Platform Challenge

If you’re in a band or a marketer associated with a band, you know there’s no shortage of paid services that you can use to help you manage your direct-to-fan campaigns. The problem I have with a lot of them is that they don’t do really any more than other existing free services. When I queried Topsin’s [then] Director of Marketing about it, even he couldn’t give a sufficient answer as to why a band should use their service instead of own available free from open source. He claimed they were inferior (when in fact most are superior), didn’t include a central hub (which they do if you run them from your own site), and that you can’t centralize analytics (which you most certainly can).

To prove you don’t need to use a paid service like a Topspin or Nimbit, we’re going to release our own direct-to-fan package. Free, of course. We would like your input to do it though… what are the best things about any service you’d use or want to use? We know the core applications we need to include in it, but want to hear specifics from you, and it also helps if you say why or how specifically you use those things. Doing that will help us better tie everything together. We’d like to be able to release this package by the end of August.

Naturally, you’re going to need to learn how to use all of the items effectively. We’ll be setting up online workshops where we’ll do walkthroughs, examples, and Q&A sessions, and those will also be completely free. We’ll ask that in return you make yourself available to help others, and that you provide constant feedback to help us keep the repository current and functioning efficiently.

So let us know: what do you want to be able to do with it?