Unsigned [Rock] Artists Release Dates Calendar

While signed bands’ releases are well-publicized, I often will catch wind on the forum or through twitter or some other place that an unsigned band I like just released an album. Oftentimes, I probably would have pre-ordered it, but I’d at least liked to have known about it. So let’s fix that… I’ll be compiling a list of unsigned artist release dates, complete with where to buy it, and links to sample if available.

If you’re in a band or even know of one that has an album coming out this year, please mention it in the comments, as well as links to info on the date as well as whether it’s a digital or physical album (or both). Please keep the bands in line with the type of active or modern rock that we’ve always covered here. The genre tag “rock” is far too overused these days, but if you know TuneLab, you know what we mean by modern rock.