Tunelab Turntable Tournament Tuesdays

Say that five times fast… Starting next Tuesday, August 16th at 8:30pm Eastern, we’ll be debuting a tournament that will take place weekly, in which four unsigned bands take the podium and get the chance to play two tracks each to the crowd listening. The crowd could consist of anybody, from the tunelab regulars that hang out there already to the fans of the band directly invited there to participate or random people that just happen to pop in. During and at the end of the songs, the crowd will have the opportunity to vote, and the winning band will be featured on the site for that week. At the end of four weeks, we’ll take those four winners and pit them against each other to determine the overall winner for that month.

We’ll be trying to get some prizes or something to give to the bands that win by way of sponsors, but even without that you still get the opportunity to play your music directly in front of fans of other bands similar to you. If you’re in a band that would like to be considered or a company that has some prizing you’d like to offer as a sponsor, hit the contact link above and get in touch. If you’re wondering what turntable.fm even is, see our previous article on it.