Sell Your Own Music

If you’re in an unsigned/independent band, there is absolutely no excuse for not selling your own music. None. There are far too many easy solutions out there, ranging from rolling your own e-commerce store all the way to using a service like Vibedeck, which doesn’t cost you a dime. In fact, if you wanted to just sell MP3 downloads, Vibedeck is easily the best place to do it. As long as you already have a PayPal account, you can have a store made, customized, and embeddable in web pages and Facebook within 5 minutes depending on your upload speed.

Vibedeck doesn’t offer anything better than MP3 (though they are higher quality), but it’s still equal or better music sold directly to your fans without having to pay a large percentage of each sale to Apple or Amazon. And it’s quick, easy, and free. If you setup your own store on your own website (which tunelab will do for you free by the way) you can sell any format of digital download, all the way up to the raw .wav files if you wanted to. You could also sell physical albums and merchandise, and you can easily embed your store on Facebook and other places.