Open Brainstorming Session: A Crowd-Funded Tour

I thought I’d throw some ideas out and see if anybody else had any input to it to help brainstorm this idea that I have… I’m thinking of a way to put together a tour, but have the whole thing pre-funded through Kickstarter or a similar platform. Here’s what I had so far, and please leave comments with any thoughts or constructive ideas.

For those that don’t know how Kickstarter works, you basically set a goal of say $1,000 for example, and people pledge funding to achieve that goal. If the goal is not met, nobody pays anybody money. If it’s met, it’s funded. The amount a person can donate is flexible, and different tiers of a donation get different rewards as a result.

What I was thinking was something like this (just off the top of my head for now):
$15: Ticket to the show in your area
$25: Ticket to the show + a tour t-shirt
$35: Ticket to the show + tour t-shirt + digital albums of every band on the tour
$50: Ticket to the show + tour t-shirt + physical albums of every band on the tour

Then I would add other stuff like backstage access, pre-show meals, post-show dinner with the band, etc.

Originally I was thinking that a certain tier would get you the right to vote on something — whether that be where the tour actually went or what bands were on it, but I realized that could potentially leave lots of people disappointed. Maybe it can be a set lineup with a couple opening spots for voting or something. We couldn’t do it to where you’d vote on where the tour would go, because you wouldn’t want to buy a ticket to a show that may not even be coming near you.

Actually, now that the whole thing is written out, I don’t feel all that confident in the idea. In theory it could work, but in reality I’m not sure people will be all that into buying tickets. Any thoughts?