Another Example of Grooveshark’s Lack of Respect for the Rights of Artists

As I pointed out previously in the article “Beware the Grooveshark“, one of the main problems with Grooveshark’s business model of hiding behind the DMCA instead of taking an active approach to keeping their service free of illegal content is that even if a band gets a song taken down, somebody else can still upload it the next day and it will stay there until taken down again. In the case of one artist, they’ve been trying for months to get their music removed and have been unsuccessful. As a result, they decided to make their emails public. This is my favorite quote from the exchange:


[quote style=”1″]This seems to be at odds with our own experience, where we have NO choice about what we put on Grooveshark. The only choice we are offered is over how much of our time and money we wish to waste in REMOVING items from a service we have never chosen to engage with – a completely different scenario.

You will appreciate that there is huge difference between someone inviting a guest into their home (where they have a choice in advance) and someone moving into your home uninvited and then giving you the chance to evict them. Particularly if that same uninvited guest returns every day until they are evicted again – at your own expense. [/quote]