Album Stream Revenue Sharing Program Announced

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A while back, I had an idea for a way to share revenue with unsigned bands in exchange for the presumed traffic that would come from streaming their album. Today, that idea is a reality.

Now when a band wants to stream an EP or album on tunelab, they can embed their very own advertising code on the page, and get paid directly for it. In addition, any participating band that’s streaming an album will get an equal share of the advertising space throughout the rest of the site (with the exception of other bands’ streams obviously). Of course the stream page can also be used to sell your music directly to fans, and will include any links to your website or social media sites. Read on for all the details of how to sign up and get started.

If you’re in a band that’s interested in signing up, you must first create a Google Adsense account (link). If Adsense asks you for a URL, do NOT put, or they will deny your application. You must enter a URL that doesn’t already have an account associated with it, so use your own website, or if you don’t have one sign up for a free account and enter that URL. Once you have an account, you need to go to “My Ads” and then click the button that says “+New ad unit”. Once here, give this add a name, choose the ad size, choose the “Classic grey” color scheme, and click “Save and Get Code”. This will allow you to copy and paste the code we’ll use to display your ads.

There are two ad spots that will belong exclusively to you on your stream page. One will be a Medium Rectangle (300×250) at the top of the sidebar on the right, and the other will be a Banner (468×60) at the bottom of your stream page or between the player and the content. For an illustration, click the image associated with this article. The third ad spot on the page will be the leaderboard at the very bottom and that will remain exclusive to tunelab (have to pay for bandwidth somehow). As you may notice browsing around the site (not visible on this page to comply with program rules), there is a Banner at the top of our standard content pages (to the right of the logo), and a Medium Rectangle at the bottom of the sidebar. Those are automatically not displayed on stream pages, so your two top spots and tunelab’s one bottom spot are the only ads on the page. Throughout the rest of the main site (“main site” is the entire domain except the message board) on the non-stream pages, your ad code will be placed in rotation with those aforementioned spots to the right of the logo and at the bottom of the sidebar. This means if you’re the first band to sign up, you’ll get 50% of the ad revenue of the entire site until another band signs up. As more bands get added, you will continue to receive an equal share, the percentage of which of course will be determined by the number of participants.

The idea of this is that when you’re streaming an album here, you’re driving traffic here, and you should get something for that. Hopefully those new visitors will read some other content and stick around, or of course check out some other streams. The more streams there are, the more traffic potential, and the more all the bands benefit by taking their share of the ad space. There will be features of some streams, and we’ll do our best to recommend other bands/albums the visitor may like depending on what they’re currently listening to.

To get started, simply hit the contact link at the top or bottom of the page and either send an email or call me directly. All I need from you is the ad codes from the instructions above, and links to where I can find your bio, list of links, an image, and either the tracks to use our audio player, or the code to embed a stream from an external site like Videdeck or Soundcloud.