Has Social Media Presence Changed Your View of “Rockstars”?

Has a band or musician’s presence on social media sites altered your view of them? I think it’s an interesting question. Everybody knows what the stereotypical image of a rockstar is through movies and TV shows, and for the most part that’s how people viewed them prior to the social media age. They were these mysterious, god-like badasses that were great artists and poets who could do anything (and anybody) they wanted to. They set trends and told you what was cool. People would do anything to be like them, see them, and would clamor to just touch their hand or make eye contact with them at shows. They were rockstars.

Now? Debatable. There are still some out there, but they’re much rarer these days. Now with social media sites like Twitter and Facebook you get a much more up-close look, and there’s no more allure. For bands that have started up in the past few years, it’s just kinda “what it is” because they were born into it and it’s how things are. But for the rockstars of prior years, have their online actions disappointed you or changed your view of them in any way?