We Should Start #OccupyFMradio

If somebody wants to start an “Occupy FM Radio” movement, I would offer my full support and assistance. We could focus on how over 99% of music played is from signed bands (unsigned bands could chant “We are the (less than) 1%!!!”), or how 31% of all songs played over a week on one station consisted of only 23 songs. We could make charts that show pretty suggesting evidence of payola or only playing what promoters are “promoting” them to play (songs going from 0 spins one week to 30 a week, then back to 0 with no tapering). Or we could focus on how modern rock stations’ playlists usually consist mostly of music from the 90s. Either way, radio needs a drastic change across the board, it’s just unfortunate that there wouldn’t be enough bands to come together to work to change it.