Where Do You Find Upcoming Shows?

This past Sunday, a band tweeted they were playing near me that night. When I read the tweet, it was too late for me to make plans to get to the show. That’s the third time in two weeks that’s happened to me. So the question is this: how am I supposed to know about upcoming shows?

I can’t rely on local radio.
I don’t have time to check every single area venue’s calendar.
Listing services like Pollstar never have anything close to full/complete listings.

So what else is there? As far as I can tell, nothing. It used to be that *every* band had their concerts listed on Myspace, and therefore Myspace was the easy go-to where I could put in my zip code, a mileage radius, choose a genre, and see every concert listed. It was easy and flawless, and contained literally every band. Now with Facebook, they might use Facebook Events themselves or one of a multitude of apps to list tour dates, but there’s no centralized place for listings.

So what do you use? How do you know of shows in your area? Tell us in the comments.