TuneLab Best of 2011 Awards – Final Vote!

The tunelab.com end of the year awards entrants were nominated by the Message Board community, then a total of 42,604 votes were cast to narrow each category down to six finalists. The final round of voting to determine the best in each category begins NOW, and closes the morning of Thursday, December 29th. Anyone can vote once per day up until the polls close, at which point the favorite in each category will be declared the winner. When possible, a playlist is included with the poll.

If you’d like to campaign, feel free to leave comments on each matchup as to why people should vote for your choices, and likewise if you’re having trouble deciding, check out the comments for some suggestions. Finally, feel free to use the share icons on the left of each page to get others to vote — there’s no registration or anything required. Below is a table with direct links to each category’s poll:

[table style=”1″]
  Album of the Year   Unsigned Album
  Debut Album   Unsigned Debut Album
  EP of the Year   Music Video
  Single   Debut Single
  Fan-Friendly Band   Lyric Writing
  Vocal Performance   Guitar Performance
  Bass Performance   Drum Performance