Beware the Imitators

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but in the business world it can cause actual harm. That’s why things like copyright and trademark exist. That’s also why you see that little ™ symbol next to the name in the logo. Now I get to send out cease and desist letters to two impostors — one in New York and one in South Africa. Sometimes, using the name can be accidental, but sometimes it’s quite intentional…

“TuneLabs” (Facebook | Twitter) decided to go ahead and take our actual logo, change the spacing of the “tune” part, and add a plus sign. Meanwhile, “TuneLabs Music” (Facebook | Twitter) actually has a logo and older logo, both of which were rejects from when we held a public logo design competition in 2008 (except they added an S to the end of it). So not only are they infringing on my trademark, they’re also using designs that are still legally copyright of the graphic designers that submitted them.

If you see them online, say hi for me and be sure to let them know how great their name is… while they have it.