Going Local in the New Year

Starting in the new year, tunelab is taking the focus of the site in a more localized direction. Dating back to when the site first started out, the goal was always to help out unsigned bands and ultimately get their music heard by more people. I realized in the last couple years that while tunelab is capable of spreading music to a large group of people that otherwise may not have heard it, and in some cases have some influence over that same group, it wasn’t very effective or really helpful to most of those bands because that audience was spread all over the world. When we try and promote one show for instance, it doesn’t matter if we can tell a million people about it if they’re all away from the city where the show is.

For that reason, and in order to better accomplish the goal of helping promote the future of modern rock music, tunelab will be split into a network of websites. Each site will be extremely focused on one individualized geographic area, and will focus 100% on being the rock music scene in that area. Like I complained about in this article, for some places there isn’t even one centralized place to see all rock concert listings, let alone everything else that will go along with tunelab local.

In addition to sites focused on geographic areas, there will be other network sites as well, such as for concert photography, reviews, and maybe even coverage of other genres. For now though, the biggest focus will be the local sites.

All of the content on each individualized site will also appear on the main tunelab.com site, so you’ll be seeing new content on this page. In addition, the blog-type entries that have been present here in the last six months will continue just the same — so if that’s all you’re interested in, nothing will change for you. Don’t worry, there will be the ability to filter out content from the networked sites.

The first two localized sites will be online in January 2012 by Spring 2012. It may take quite a while, but starting locally and growing organically from there will help us build a much better tunelab, and one that’s better enabled to do whatever we can to help the rock music we love last far into the future. It’s going to be an exciting 2012.