98 Rock Baltimore Pay-for-Play

Today on Baltimore’s WIYY 98 Rock, they are doing a pay-for-play fundraiser where you can choose a song to be played in exchange for a donation. The donation levels are as follows:

• A song currently in 98 ROCK’s Rotation – $25
• A rock song NOT in rotation on the station – $50
• A song out of format – $100
• A song by a local band – $250
• A song by a local band along with a brief interview – $500

It’s unfortunate that if you’re a local band or want to hear a local band you have to pay 10 times as much, but if you’re in an unsigned band not local to the Baltimore area, it seems as though legally speaking you fall under the “rock song not in rotation on the station” category. Go here to see the full instructions and donate. There is also a link on the page to listen live.