TuneLab Network Sites Update/Example

As you might remember, we talked about the localized versions of tunelab that were due for launch early this year. About a month ago, we announced that beta testing was open for “network” sites (local or on another topic). While rocky at first, things are running much smoother now, and the tunelab radio site is the first fully running beta success. The user database is fully integrated (if you can comment here or on the message board, you can there as well with the same account), there’s no longer any conflicts with plugin permissions (like for the music store), and cross-site posting is working nearly flawlessly (any posts on any network site will show on the front page of tunelab.com). All this means simply is that we’re closer to the full launch of the network sites. I’m still open to take beta testers, so if you’re interested, please hit the contact link and get in touch.