Google+ Hangouts On-Air Live Opening to All

Back when Google+ launched, I thought one of the best features was the “Hangout” feature, which allowed you to video chat live with up to nine people at a time. For certain celebrities and organizations, they activated “Hangouts On-Air” which allowed the live chat to be embedded like a YouTube video and watched by an unlimited number of people. When it ended, the entire session was archived and viewable as a YouTube video as well. Now that “On-Air” is available to tunelab, we’re already looking for our first bands to invite to try it with us.

The ideal scenario starting out is to do a Q&A session live with fans that everyone can watch and participate in, and if you’d like to bring along some acoustic instruments and play a song or two that’s even better. All you’d need is a laptop or desktop computer with a mic and webcam, an Internet connection, and a Google+ account (free). So if you’re a band that’s interested, please let me know.

We’d like to facilitate as many as these as possible between bands and fans, because it is a really great platform. For fans, they can watch while in queue, and as people get their questions answer and exit, more people can join. We’re already familiar with the platform and can play the moderator role to keep things clean, so the band members can just stay focused on the fans and having fun. Stay tuned for the first announced show.