First Local Site Online: Upstate NY

As you may have been hearing for a while, we’ve been wanting to set up localized network sites for individual areas/scenes. There are lots of areas where the local “rock” station isn’t involved at all in the local scene, and some areas don’t even have a rock station anymore. On probably a majority of stations, they don’t even have a comprehensive list of rock shows in the area — they only list the big shows or events that have been “sponsored.” Because of that, we want to launch these tunelab local sites to fill the void and help unify and promote the rock scene in that area, whether that be local shows or national shows in local venues.

The first of these sites has launched in Upstate NY and is at Pat had already been running a local music scene blog, so he was able to easily hit the ground running and be a showcase/model for what we hope to accomplish on any given site. Please check it out, support it, and look for more localized sites in the future! If you know of an area or have any suggestions, please contact us and let us know.