Bands: Don’t Forget the Basics

There’s no shortage of advice columns for bands that offer some great and inventive ideas to market yourselves or help you achieve whatever you deem as success. While I see lots of bands following some of these tips and doing some great things, I’ve noticed a trend lately where bands are forgetting to do some very basic things they should be doing in marketing themselves.

No matter what else you have going on, if anyone visits your website, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, or any other online presence you have, make sure they are immediately informed of the following:

  1. Where they can listen to your music and hear what you sound like.
  2. Where they can buy your music if they like it.
  3. Where they can see you live.

You’d think these would be very basic things, but you’d be surprised how often they’re overlooked. I’ve been running into it quite a bit lately and it can be frustrating. Often it can take me a few minutes and some digging to ultimately find a link, but if I were less interested (like lots of casual would-be fans) I may not have bothered looking long enough.

Do yourself a favor and take a look at all your online sites as if you didn’t know where to find the answers to those questions (or have someone else do it). Next, do a Google search for your band’s name and see what people are more likely to see if they search your name after a recommendation. Finally, take a look at all these same profiles from a mobile device. Your Facebook page may have a blatantly obvious “Listen” or “Music” tab from your browser, but the mobile version of the site doesn’t. These days, that’s a whole lot of potential listeners you’re leaving behind. If you have a Bandcamp, Soundcloud, MySpace, or any other site that automatically switches to mobile-friendly streaming, consider linking to it in your “About” section.