We started as an online radio station in 2002. In 2003, we added a rock news site called Audio Aggression. Soon after we changed names to TuneLab Music, and then eventually shortened to tunelab. We did rock music news, reviews, and interviews, and a message board. Around 2012-2013, we focused just on a blog and on providing a variety of services to artists and other industry entities. In the last couple years we’ve been focused on just the offline work, but are “pivoting” slightly as of late.

For PR folks: We are NOT accepting press releases or suggested content at this time. There is no ____@tunelab.com email address active or in existence. We also do NOT have any staff members, so anybody asking for press passes to a show or advanced music releases is likely trying to scam you. If someone contacts you “on behalf of tunelab” we’d ask that you let us know via the contact form.

You can contact us at any time by using the contact link above