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Album Stream: Solstate – ‘Solstate’ (self-titled)

Stream the new self-titled album from Solstate below, and purchase directly from the widget in your choice of formats from MP3 on up to Lossless FLAC files.

Bio: Solstate is the creation of Troy Mckubre. Troy has released 2 albums under the name Solstate… ‘Whispers & Tremors’ in 2008 and the self titled ‘Solstate’ in 2013….

Nothing More 3-Song Preview

We had the demo version of “Ballast” streaming for a while, and now we finally get to hear the final version as well as two other new tracks from San Antonio’s Nothing More. The upcoming album doesn’t have a release date yet, but is expected this year. The band…

Album Stream: Astral Display – ‘Prometheus’

‘Prometheus’ is the debut EP from Moscow-based Djent/Math/Progressive band Astral Display. Listen to it in full below, and as always you can buy it directly from the player.

Album Stream: Cylinder – ‘Rise Above’

Check out Cylinder’s new album ‘Rise Above’ streaming in full below, and purchase it right from the widget or from standard digital retailers.

Bio: Gimmicks don’t excite us anymore. Trends swell and crest and wash away. Great bands possess power in the intangible space between competing…

Sinshrift – “One More Reason” [Free Download]

Melodic, Aggressive, and Infectious… Sinshrift employs the necessary tools to have a successful sound without becoming cliché and compromised. Continuing to perform and excel they have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with bands such as Evans Blue, Smile Empty Soul, In…

Album Stream: Heaven’s Basement – ‘Filthy Empire’

After first hearing the Heaven’s Basement single “Fire, Fire” off of this record back in September, we were pretty impressed and couldn’t wait to hear if these guys could deliver an entire album of the same caliber. The answer was that yes, they can. Listen to their album…