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Music Store Strong-Arming?

Ever notice how bands seem to always hype their new album on one music store and not even mention other places to get it? I’ve heard that bands “have to” in order to get better placement in the store, but never directly from a band member or an official rep. If you have direct knowledge…

Album Stream Revenue Sharing Program Announced

A while back, I had an idea for a way to share revenue with unsigned bands in exchange for the presumed traffic that would come from streaming their album. Today, that idea is a reality.

Now when a band wants to stream an EP or…

Question of the Day: Stereotypical Band Images

If I can look at the promo pic of your band and know exactly what you sound like (and I mean exactly), do you think that’s a good thing or a bad thing?

Another Example of Grooveshark’s Lack of Respect for the Rights of Artists

As I pointed out previously in the article “Beware the Grooveshark“, one of the main problems with Grooveshark’s business model of hiding behind the DMCA instead of taking an active approach to keeping their service free of illegal content is that even if a band gets a song taken down, somebody else can still…

Google Music Store Launching Soon?

According to a source at Business Insider, Google will be launching a music store by the end of the year. While the music store was expected at some point, its launch wasn’t expected until next year at the earliest. The store makes a lot of…

Last.FM Weekly Charts Top 10

Did you know tunelab has a group? If you scrobble, please join the group and help other people discover the music you’re listening to most. The group’s top-10 most listened to artists for last week looks like this:

1. Staind
2. Evans Blue
3. 10 Years
4. Five Finger Death Punch
5. Thousand…