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What Working in a Music Store is Really Like

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Suggest Some Unsigned Bands

Do you know of an unsigned band that other people might not know about? If so, post a link to their music in the comments.

Sevendust “Talking” About A Farewell

Sevendust drummer Morgan Rose tweeted the following two updates late Friday night/early Saturday morning:
So guysThe whole farewell thing is bein “talked” about.we love each other,there’s no issue with us.we just miss our decision yet
So try n chill on making it in to something it’s not.we love u guys n we…

Lack of Updates…

Sorry for the lack of updates… I’m in the process of moving from St Louis back to DC, and it’s happening rather suddenly. Have you checked out all the old articles in the “idea factory” section?

Shouldn’t Pandora be Verifying Email Addresses?

It’s not that big of a deal I suppose, but Pandora currently allows you to register for (and use) an account without verifying your email address. I know because somebody used my gmail address to create an account. I got an email but thought it was just a phishing attempt or something so I deleted…

Music Revenue Sources 1980-2010

Digital Music News has put together a very cool illustration of the breakdown of revenue sources for the recording industry based on RIAA figures from 1980 to 2010. Below the animation, there are individual images representing each year. Check it out here.