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Divides (UK) – ‘Anywhere & Nowhere’

I think it’s fair to say most singers from overseas tend to sing without a discernible accent, but Divides’ vocalist sings with her accent intact and it adds an intriguing element to the songs.

Divides are a 5 piece rock band based in Glasgow – made up…

To Whom It May – ‘I’ III I III EP

To Whom It May is a rock band out of Galveston, Texas. Buy the EP from the widget above and check out their tour dates on Facebook.

Poynte – ‘Discreet Enemy’

Poynte is a hard rock band from Atlanta, Georgia.

Red Light Sound – ‘Latitudes’

Red Light Sound is from Adelaide, Australia. The EP is free/name your own price!

H/T: Smell My Finger

Tsavo – ‘An Ocean of Chaos’

Tsavo is an alternative rock band from Seattle, Washington and this album is their sophomore release.

Lost Light – ‘Lost Light EP’

Formed in the UK in early 2014, Lost Light aims to bring new light to the music scene with a subtle combination of Hard-Rock, Alternative Metal and Nu-Metal influences.