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Poll: Who is the Most Impressive Guitarist-turned-Frontman?

In the last three months, three guitarists have released side-project albums as lead vocalists. Clint Lowery (Sevendust) led off with Call Me No One and their album ‘Last Parade’ in June, followed by Mark Tremonti’s (Creed, Alter Bridge) Tremonti Project ‘All I Was’ a month later, and then most recently John Connolly (Sevendust) put out…

Question: Why Buy When You Can Stream?

Serious question… if you had Spotify or a similar streaming service and you could listen to an album anytime you wanted, as many times as you want, why would you buy the same album on iTunes, Amazon MP3, or Google Play?

In the case of a CD versus Spotify, there’s a quality difference of course….

Poll: Do You Buy Concert Tickets in Advance?

A couple weeks ago, I went to see Eye Empire in Baltimore and met up with a couple other people from tunelab at the show. Tickets were $12 in advance online or $15 day of show, and I paid the $15 at the door. For our one guy that bought the advanced ticket online however,…

Perceptions of Music Today: What’s More Important?

In general, what do you think is most important to a majority of musicians/artists/bands today? Do you think the music they make and the people they make it is most important? Or do you think they’re more concerned with making money and being able to make a living at it? Of course some artists are…