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Review: Jet – ‘Shaka Rock’

Perhaps best known for their 2003 hits like “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” and “Cold Hard Bitch,” the Australia-based rockers known as Jet have faded from chart fame in recent years despite doing their damndest to keep garage rock alive and kicking. Not resorting to the same tactics of more popular bands, Jet ditches the sex and drugs and focuses only on straight up rock and roll. It can’t be much longer until a party rock band finds it’s way back into the public eye, and perhaps that time is now as Jet releases their newest opus, ‘Shaka Rock’, which is sure to capture attention in at least some way.

Review: Sick Puppies – ‘Tri-Polar’

Maybe it was fate that brought Australian band Sick Puppies to the forefront of American rock music. Or maybe it was taking home YouTube’s 2006 Video of the Year Honors for their Free Hugs concept “video postcard” which featured the band’s first single “All the Same.” Either Way, Shimon Moore, Emma Anzai, and Mark Goodwin have carved out quite a niche for themselves ever since reaching the states with their 2007 debut ‘Dressed Up As Life’, hauling more than 150,000 units of the trio’s rookie effort.

Review: Adelitas Way – ‘Adelitas Way’

About a month ago I interviewed Adelitas Way front-man and founding father Rick DeJesus. When I asked what his current home of Las Vegas is like, Ricky got that kid in a candy store grin and shared a few anecdotes that bordered on TMI. Ironically enough, it was Rick’s flight from the sins of friends in several other cities he once called home that eventually led him to Las Vegas. His earliest incarnation of Adelitas Way did ok I guess, I mean, if you consider having the number one song on Vegas’ rock station a big deal. And other than a frightening, GPS-gone-awry detour in Vice City, Mexico, DeJesus has never looked back, earning the prized major label deal of his dreams in autumn 2008.

Review: Track Fighter – ‘Band Aids for Bullet Wounds’

What on earth does a band do for an encore after being featured as one of TuneLab Music’s 25 Unsigned Bands to Know in 2008? Why they return to the studio to work on a new EP, which is exactly what Sacto’s Track Fighter did. Producer Beau Hill (Bob Dylan, Warrant) took Track Fighter under his wing and helped steer the recording sessions that lasted for most of 2008. Fresh into 2009, Track Fighter unleashed their new beast, an EP titled ‘Band Aids For Bullet Wounds’.

Review: Nine Lashes – ‘Escape’

Birmingham, Alabama-bred Christian rockers Nine Lashes (derived from a device used to scourge Jesus Christ prior to his crucifixion) celebrate their third birthday in 2009. Nine Lashes pushed their initial recordings to local and regional radio and immediately received a positive response, earning the band shows alongside Pillar and Thousand Foot Krutch to name a couple. In 2008, Nine Lashes synced up with producer Travis Wyrick (Wake The Light, Disciple) to work on their debut LP. Titled ‘Escape’, Nine Lashes’ rookie full-length is has arrived via digital retailers everywhere. Nine Lashes were most recently featured right here on TuneLab as April 2009’s Featured Unsigned Band.

Review: Papercut Massacre – ‘If These Scars Could Talk’

In 2004, a little band from Mississippi by the name of Atomship released their debut album ‘The Crash of ‘47’ on Wind-Up Records. Within a year and change, Atomship’s ship crashed down, as weak album sales and indifference to its main single “Pencil Fight” halted the band’s plans. Then of course, there was Hurricane Katrina. After taking some time to let the dust settle and pick up the pieces, Atomship front-man Joey Culver returned with an amalgam of new solo tracks in the dawn of 2008 dubbed ‘B-Sides From A Hotel’, collaborating with the likes of Rick Beato, Bob Marlette, and Our Lady Peace’s Raine Maida on the tunes. Culver quickly shifted gears though, back-pocketing ‘B-Sides From A Hotel’ in favor of a fresh start with another band. This led JC to say bye, bye, bye to the Gulf of Mexico and hello to 747 Studios, the Memphis, TN facility of producer Skidd Mills (Saving Abel, 12 Stones). Once the duo put the goods together, Culver put his new band together, branded Papercut Massacre.