Introducing: The Waveform Song Wristband

One of the goals of tunelab is to try and come up with unique ideas or different ways that bands (primarily unsigned bands) can try and “make it” in the modern music industry. As music sales decline, bands have to find other avenues to generate income with things like merchandise, but it’s hard to generate…

Viasava Band/Album Teaser Trailer

Viasava features Dustin Lowery (vocals), Gogi Randhawa (guitars/vocals), and Alex Dorminy (drums). Viasava on Facebook.

Google+ Hangouts On-Air Live Opening to All

Back when Google+ launched, I thought one of the best features was the “Hangout” feature, which allowed you to video chat live with up to nine people at a time. For certain celebrities and organizations, they activated “Hangouts On-Air” which allowed the live chat to be…

Tremonti – “You Waste Your Time” (Full Track)

Check out the full track “You Waste Your Time” from Mark Tremonti’s upcoming solo album. You can pre-order the album now at

Click here for lyrics.

Godsmack – Orlando, FL – April 14th, 2012

Interview: Musician/Producer Robert Davis (Guitarist, Revis)

Almost exactly one year ago, Revis was set to embark on a nationwide tour to end their lengthy hiatus and promote the release of their first album in eight years. But then the tour was canceled, the album was indefinitely delayed, and then… silence. What followed was a lot of rumors, questions, confusion, and sometimes…