Vinyl Records Melted Over Skulls Look Pretty Badass

Artist/musician Ted Riederer created these sculptures by melting old vinyl records over a plastic skull mold. The series is called “Primal Sound” and it’s a pretty safe bet that if these were offered for sale they would be sold out pretty quickly.

You can see…


The Worst Tour Name in Recent Memory

This tour is called the “Started from the Bottom Now We Here” tour. This is the dumbest tour name I can think of in recent memory — can you think of a worse one? It might fit for a hip-hop tour where poor grammar is a celebrated art, but even a Google search to verify…


The New Square Market is (Update: NOT) the Best Way to Sell Merch Online


Since publishing this, we’ve had a serious issue and no longer recommend Square Market. Read more in this updated blog post.

Few should be unfamiliar with Square, the little credit card reader that plugs into any smartphone’s headphone jack and allows you to take payments with their free app and…


When Fans Were Offered a Choice of High-Quality Digital Formats, They Chose…

When we recently setup an online store for the band Arco’s Angel, the band wanted to offer fans a choice of higher quality digital formats – something beyond what iTunes and Amazon currently offer. We clearly indicated the types of format, the file sizes, and what free players could play the download files….


The “Pono” Player Will Change Nothing

When I first heard that Neil Young was trying to develop his own format for higher quality audio, I was pretty skeptical that anything noteworthy would come of it, simply because it’s not “needed” by consumers. Several variations of high quality digital music already exist, and they’re already not used, so why would yet another…


Let’s Buy and Release Some Shelved Albums

Here’s a crazy idea for a company: The sole purpose and activity will be to negotiate a cut-rate price for the rights to an album shelved by a label. Once we have the number