Radio Playlist Breakdown: KPNT

The Radio Station Playlist Breakdown takes a look at every song played over a one-week period (excluding Saturdays and Sundays) and looks for any interesting trends or information. Saturdays and Sundays are excluded because they often include non-standard programming or special programming. | This week: KPNT

From Wikipedia: KPNT is a commercial radio station located in…

Hawthorne Heights on Self-Managing, Starting Own Label

This is a really good read for unsigned bands: Hawthorne Heights discusses leaving Wind-Up, starting their own label, releasing an EP trilogy, booking their own tour, and more in an interview with Alt Press. H/T: pschrade

I honestly completely forgot Walmart even had an MP3 store

The Walmart Music Downloads Store is closing August 28th

Should Unsigned Bands be on Spotify?

Citing a drastic drop in record sales in territories where Spotify has launched, Century Media Records and its associated labels have decided to pull their entire catalog from Spotify. Instead, it will be replaced in the future with samplers from their artists.

The Military Brags About its Music Piracy?

For those in the military or who have been in the military, you probably already know of the infamous “morale drive” that exists at deployed locations. On the government-maintained unclassified computer networks, each deployed location or network has a shared drive accessible from any of the computers that they call a morale drive. It contains…

Tunelab Turntable Tournament Tuesdays

Say that five times fast… Starting next Tuesday, August 16th at 8:30pm Eastern, we’ll be debuting a tournament that will take place weekly, in which four unsigned bands take the podium and get the chance to play two tracks each to the crowd listening. The crowd could consist of anybody, from the tunelab regulars that…